Mysore style

Ashtanga Yoga as taught in Mysore, India. An approach in which together, teacher and student build a practice tailored to the particular needs and skills of the practitioner.
This class is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Full Primary Led Class

This is a guided class through the full primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher counts the traditional vinyasa in Sanskrit as taught in the Sharath Yoga Center (SYC) in Mysore, India.

This class is not suitable for beginners.

NOTE: It is possible to do self practice (Mysore style) in the back of the room while this class takes place.

Chat & Chai

Discover how the physical practice connects to our mind and spirit.
Stories from India, mantra chanting and yoga philosophy.

Guided classes

Guided ashtanga classes suitable for everyone. Outdoors and indoors.

Soon to come!