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Eloisa was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela and is currently in Maastricht, Netherlands where she is teaching a Mysore program and other yoga classes.

Before Eloisa dedicated her life and career completely to yoga, she worked as a preschool teacher in a constructivist pre-school. In constructivist pre-schooling educational efforts get tailored to the individual needs and talents of children. Teaching Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style gave continuity to her educational mission to build knowledge and self discovery through the use of strategies suited to individual requirements and abilities.

Eloisa found yoga in 2011 and it was Liz Carrasquel in Caracas who took her by the hand during her first steps on the path of Ashtanga Yoga. Inspired by the dedication and love of her teacher, and tired of the rhythm of a big city, she decided to undertake her first adventure to India. 

And so, in 2014 she traveled to India to practice Ashtanga Yoga, and she was captivated by the discipline and devotion of all her teachers and the whole community of practitioners that were there together to practice and study. This first contact was a great source of inspiration to her. Ever since, Eloisa has been returning every year to India to continue to study and practice Ashtanga Yoga with Sharath Jois and to assist him in class at KPJAYI, now SYC (Sharath Yoga Center). In 2016 Eloisa received the authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

Since that first trip to India in 2014, Eloisa also started to study Yoga Philosophy and devotional chanting with Dr. M. Jayashree and Prof. M. Narasimha at the Anatha Research Foundation. This has helped her to understand more deeply how to apply the philosophy of yoga to daily life, and to feel connected with chanting as a devotional practice.

The search for balance and acceptation is her greatest passion at the moment. Through life Eloisa has gone from one extreme to another and she is currently discovering how to calibrate discipline and joy, work and rest and many other aspects of life that look like opposites but cannot function in harmony without each other.

Having quality time with family and friends, cooking, walking in nature, dancing and laughing are also a very important part of Eloisa’s life process.


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